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Purpose Conference 2023 is an annual event that gathers industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the fields of business, technology, and sustainability. With the conference’s growing reputation and increasing attendee numbers each year, Kate worked closely with the leadership team to elevate the partner, speakers and attendee experience and strengthen the brand’s impact in 2023.


Distinct brand identity Ignite Purpose Conference 2023’s by working closely with a curated selection of artists to create a refreshing visual derived from the conference theme of The Symbiocene.

Multi-channel strategy Seamlessly integrate advanced digital tools with traditional event elements to deliver a unified and dynamic attendee experience both online and onsite.

Drive engagement and sales Implement a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy to increase registrations and maximise engagement, leveraging social media, EDM’s, and thought leadership content to boost visibility and attendee interaction.

Create a scalable model Build a scalable and flexible event framework that can be adapted to different markets and expanded geographically, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the Purpose Conference series.


Brand Identity Reinforcement The new visual identity and creative marketing content helped lead to a 20% rise in registrations, highlighting a strengthened brand appeal and reinforcing the conference’s prominence in the industry.

Integrated Experience Success The effective use of delegate communication software led to a 40% increase in session engagement and ensured a seamless and impactful experience for both physical and virtual attendees.

Marketing and Sales Impact Enhanced marketing strategies doubled social media interactions and achieved a 95% sponsor satisfaction rate, indicating successful engagement and increased return on investment.


Project Credits

Brand Strategy, experience design, art curation, creative direction
Kate Hurst
Event production
Frank Wild
Performance & interactive art
Unite Play Perform 
Esther Olsson
Animation & motion graphics
Broken Yellow
Sculptural installation art
Immortal Soil & Reco
Digital art
Sugar Glider Digital 

Kate Hurst Kate Hurst