Kate Hurst works at the intersection of creativity, strategy and experience, bringing dynamic projects to life across a wide array of disciplines and industries.

With a track record of delivering high quality events as well as providing a suite of bespoke design and strategic services, Kate’s professional offerings reflect a holistic approach and a rare blend of creativity and commerce.

Leveraging a handpicked team of artists, developers, animators, designers, and event producers, Kate offers an extensive range of services for her clients including;

Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Event & Experience Design
Website Design

Brand Identity

Logo Design & Visual Identity

Developing and designing unique logos and visual identities that capture the essence and purpose of the brand and allow it to stand out.

Brand Guidelines Development

Establishing comprehensive brand guidelines that dictate the use of creative elements, including typography, colour palettes & content design systems.

Brand Voice & Messaging

Defining a unique brand voice and messaging strategy that resonates with the target audience, ensuring all communications are cohesive and aligned.

Creative Direction

Concept Development

Researching and generating innovative creative concepts for photography, film and events that align with philosophy and goals and that resonate with the target audience.

Art Direction

Overseeing the visual aspects of creative campaigns, coordinating with graphic designers, photographers, and other creatives to ensure the vision is brought to life.

Project Execution & Management

Guiding the creative process and all collaborators from concept to execution, ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget, and meet the brand’s standards.

Brand Strategy

Market Research & Analysis

Conducting thorough research to understand the market, competitors, and target audience, using insights to inform strategic decisions.

Positioning & Differentiation

Developing a clear brand positioning statement that sets the brand apart from competitors, focusing on unique selling propositions.

Growth Strategies

Identifying opportunities for brand expansion and growth, including new markets, products, or services, and developing strategies to achieve these goals.


User Experience Design

Designing intuitive, beautiful and user-friendly websites that enhance user experience and drive conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation

Implementing SEO best practices to improve website visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic.

Content Management Systems & E-commerce Solutions

Developing websites using scalable CMS platforms and integrating e-commerce solutions & managing content updates.

Event Design

Conceptual Design & Theming

Creating immersive environments and themes for events that engage attendees and communicate the brand’s message.

Interactive Experiences

Incorporating technology and interactive elements into event designs to create memorable experiences for attendees.

Logistical Planning & Execution

Managing high level aspects of event planning, including venue selection, vendor curation and budget management to ensure a seamless experience.

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