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For the Gather on Kensington Street festival, wecrafted a standout brand identity, using custom illustrations and a vibrant colour palette, we captured the lively essence of Chippendale’s food and wine culture. These bespoke illustrations, featuring iconic local dishes and wine elements, paired with a bright, engaging colour scheme, guided the festival’s visual storytelling, making it instantly recognisable. Our thoughtful wayfinding and tailored signage, adorned with these artistic elements, seamlessly directed attendees, enriching their experience and fostering a visually cohesive celebration of NSW’s culinary and viticultural heritage.


To create a fresh brand identity that encapsulated the essence of the Gather on Kensington Street festival, boosting recognition across Sydney and wider NSW. The goal was to use unique colour and design elements to attract a diverse crowd.

We created a series intuitive wayfinding and signage systems that not only guided attendees smoothly through online experience as well as the festival’s multiple locations and offerings but also encouraged interaction with each food stall and wine vendor.

We developed a vibrant colour palette and custom illustrations that resonated with the lively, inclusive spirit of the festival, ensuring a visually cohesive and appealing environment for all attendees.


The enhanced brand visibility, achieved through our targeted design and marketing strategies, successfully attracted over 10,000 attendees over 2 days, marking a 25% increase from the previous year. The festival became a talking point among Sydney’s food and wine lovers, significantly boosting its profile.

Our wayfinding and signage systems proved effective, allowing for smooth attendee navigation and minimizing congestion. Feedback highlighted ease of site access and increased interaction with each unique food and wine offering, enhancing overall attendee satisfaction.

The custom illustrations and vibrant colour palette were particularly well-received, creating a festive, engaging atmosphere that attendees found memorable. These design elements were instrumental in forging a strong visual identity that attendees associated with a premium festival experience, encouraging return visits and positive word-of-mouth.

Project Credits

Brand Strategy, identity design & website
Kate Hurst
Event production
We are Gather 
Nicola Wilson

Kate Hurst Kate Hurst