Design Outlook

Visual Identity • Creative Direction • Custom Illustration

Design Outlook 2022 marked its inaugural celebration as a pivotal design festival in Melbourne, Australia. Crafted under the banner of diversity, sustainability, accessibility, and value, the event positioned itself as more than just a festival—it was a movement aimed at reshaping the design landscape in Australia. The festival brought together local and international designers, thought leaders, and innovators to explore the future of design. Over three days, attendees delved into a series of workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions, all designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of design’s potential to drive societal progress.


Establish a Strong Brand Identity Our primary objective was to develop a distinctive brand identity that resonated with the festival’s vision of advancing design thinking in Australia. This included the creation of a unique logo, color palette, and a set of design motifs that reflected the innovative and inclusive spirit of the event.

Create a Seamless Online Experience We aimed to design a user-friendly website that not only served as the primary informational hub for the festival but also engaged users interactively to foster excitement and registration. The site needed to be accessible to all users, incorporating best practices in web accessibility standards.

Extend the Brand Experience to Event Design It was crucial that the festival’s physical presence mirrored the online experience. Working with Melbourne based events team Frank Wild, this involved extending the visual language developed for the brand into all aspects of event design, from stage backdrops to attendee badges, tote bags and wayfinding ensuring a consistent and immersive experience.


Enhanced Online Engagement The newly designed website significantly improved user engagement, evidenced by the positive session durations and strong ticket sales compared to industry averages. Features such as an interactive agenda, speaker bios, and integrated social media feeds helped maintain high engagement levels.

Consistent Event Experience At the event, the cohesive branding was apparent in every detail, from the signage and program handouts to the stage design and merchandise. Custom illustrations were used throughout the venue, creating a visually stimulating environment that reinforced the festival’s identity and values. This consistency in branding helped in reinforcing the festival’s message and enhanced the overall attendee experience.


Project Credits

Creative Direction & Project Strategy
Kate Hurst
Illustration & Design
Nicola Wilson
Event Design & Production
Andreas Weiss

Kate Hurst Kate Hurst