Big Fashion Sale

Creative Direction • Ecommerce • Marketing • Sales Strategy

Big Fashion Sale was conceptualised by co-founders Kate Hurst & Elke Kramer as Australia’s premier fashion clearance event series. Tasked with launching BFS both as a digital and physical experience, the objective was to create a compelling brand identity, a strategic marketing approach, and a premium event experience that would position BFS as the go-to destination for price conscious cult fashionistas.



Distinct Brand Identity Establish BFS as a premium fashion clearance event series that appeals to a niche demographic of high end and cult brand fashion lovers.

Omni-channel Strategy Seamlessly integrate digital and physical event elements to offer a comprehensive and engaging shopping experience online and at our pop-up events

Sales Growth Utilise innovative marketing tactics to drive attendance, engagement, and ultimately, sales, both online and offline.


Brand Recognition The BFS brand quickly became synonymous with luxury and value, achieving a 60% brand recognition rate among the target demographic within the first year.

Increased Attendance The inaugural BFS series attracted over 20,000 attendees across digital and physical events, with social media campaigns reaching over 1 million impressions.

Sales Impact BFS exceeded sales projections by 40%, with a notable 30% of sales originating from the digital platform, highlighting the effectiveness of the hybrid model.

Expansion Post-event feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with over 85% of attendees expressing interest in future events. Expansion into new Australian cities and an enhanced digital e-commerce platform.

Project Credits

Creative, sales, event management and marketing Kate Hurst & Elke Kramer
Photography Christopher Morris 
Designer Nicola Wilson

Kate Hurst Kate Hurst