Business Strategy

All of Kate’s projects start with attaining a solid understanding of who you are and what your vision is for your business.

This is done by identifying your goals, understanding your clients & customers and developing a unique business model that is achievable.

By working closely with you and playing the role of researcher, coach and consultant Kate can help you set the foundations of the business and create an action plan to help you move forward.

With over 15 years of experience starting and scaling creative businesses, Kate can offer a wide variety of services including;

  • Business Coaching

  • Industry Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Growth

Growth Planning

Kate can help you clarify your vision and develop a tailored growth strategy that will act as a blueprint for your businesses transformation. Understanding that each business is unique and there is no standard approach to implementation, Kate can create a customised plan that addresses all of your specific needs.

Plans include clear and practical actions that will enable you to expand your operations while scaling in a sustainable way.

  • Growth + Exit Strategy

  • Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Funding + Partnerships

  • Implementing Systems & Processes

Kate Hurst Kate Hurst